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Full Cover Tips



Full Cover Tips

MeiMei Full Cover Tips is designed to be used in the full cover coloured tips extension system. It saves time and makes it even easier to do your own nail extensions. This product is designed especially for that purpose, quick & mess free manicure, as it skips the process of applying base coat and strengthener. It is suitable for home users as you only need minimum tools.

Lasts for 2 weeks or more….

How does it work?

MeiMei Full Cover Tip is quick, used for mess free manicure. Skip a few steps to speed things up. For this new full cover tip system you don’t need base coat, only the Full Cover Tip Gel. Simply buff and shape your nails, apply full cover tip gel onto the nails and tips. Then press down firmly until there is no air bubbles & cure under the UV lamp. Now buff the tip, apply top coat all over including the insides and fully cure, until there’s no tacky layer. Finally, apply cuticle oil around the nail bed to keep the skin soft.

Top Tips:

  • Measure the correct sized tips first.
  • Don’t over apply full cover tip gel as it can leak around the nails.
  • Flash cure when securing the tips to the nails and fully cure again after.



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Coloured Full Cover Tips


Full Cover Tip Kit


Full Cover Tip Gel

Express gel nail extensions & Mess free manicure.


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