MeiMei Full Cover Tip Kit


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MeiMei Full Cover Tip Kit (worth £85)

Want to do your own nails? The MeiMei Full Cover Tip Kit is designed for those who wants easy, fun/ trendy nails and mess free manicure. We have designed our products so they are easy to use. In each kit there will also be an instruction card inside for you to follow step by step. Oh and don't forget add nail art for that extra oh la la!

MeiMei Full Cover Tip is designed to be used in the full cover coloured tips extension system. It saves time and makes it even easier to do your own nail extensions. This product is designed especially for that purpose, quick & mess free manicure, as it skips the process of applying base coat and strengthener. It is suitable for home users as you only need minimum tools.

Kit includes –

  • A box of Coloured Full Cover Tip of your choice
  • Top Coat (Clear)
  • Full Cover Tip Gel
  • missu Mini Lamp
  • MeiMei File & Buffer
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Cuticle Oil
  • x20 Remover Sachets

How to use:

  1. Prep the natural nail by pushing the cuticle back, filing the free edge and buffing the shine away from the nail plate.
  2. Find the correct sized cover tip for your nails.
  3. Apply the MeiMei Full Cover Tip Gel onto your nails and the insides of the cover tip as well.
  4. Then apply the full cover tip on your nails and cure under the lamp for 45 seconds. Make sure you press it down firmly so you don't get air-bubbles.
  5. Repeat this step onto the rest of your fingers.
  6. Once it's all on buff away the shine from the full cover tips.
  7. Apply full cover tip gel on top of the tip to strengthen it and cure for 45 seconds.
  8. (Optional) Feel free to add any nail art of designs to your nail extensions.
  9. Finally, apply top coat to the insides of the tips and onto to fully seal it. Cure for 60 seconds, or until no sticky layer.

How to remove:

  1. Cut the nails off.
  2. File off the top coat.
  3. Soak nail in Gel remover sachets for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Remover gel will orange stick or cuticle pusher.
  5. Gently buff nails.
  6. Apply cuticle remover to finish off.

Product information:

  • 9 sizes in each box

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